Do You Believe?

You know what I recently discovered? It is imperative to know what you believe.

And not just what you believe, but WHY you believe it.

Sounds simple, right? Well, although I agree it’s not rocket science, it’s not as simple as it looks.

To truly examine every premise you hold true in your life takes time and it takes effort. And it is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. (And trust me, that is saying something.)

But, the gift of doing that allowed me to truly understand why I behave the way I behave.

For a long time I believed my life just “happened” to me. I was extremely “re”active to my situations. Sure, I had a nice thing going…and quite honestly I thought I was happy. Even with all of the bumps in my road.

But, you know what? That is untrue.

I was truly unhappy. With a LOT of things. And not just surface things either. Given my current situation (I am losing a battle for my husband of almost 20 years) anyone on the outside would say, “Duh, Meg, of course you’re unhappy.”

Well, it goes deeper than my actual life events. My unhappiness is with fundamental things I am choosing not to do that truly impact what I believe is my reason for being here. And that’s not about anything that’s “happening” in my life. It’s about the choices I made because of the things I believed. It’s within MY control to change. It has nothing to do with anyone else’s choices.

Like the choice I made to stop sharing my voice. I had a lovely little group of people who I interacted with frequently on my other blog. And I shared a ton about me and the things I created. But I didn’t believe in myself enough to let the true me show. I posted what I thought they would want to see.

So the choice I’ve made to write here is a truly different direction. I may share some of my creativity (I don’t think I could stop that if I tried); however, more than that, I want to share my journey on how I am fulfilling my purpose for life ~ which I happen to think is to leave this place better than I found it (thank you Girl Scouts of America).

Giving myself the permission to examine my beliefs, and to discard the ones that simply aren’t true, was truly a blessing. This is not going to be perfect…but I recently heard that being perfectly imperfect is just fine.

So, here is my challenge to you for today:  Think about one thing you believe about yourself why you believe what you believe. Did you learn it growing up? Did someone put their belief in your head? Did you learn it from society? Where did you pick up that belief? And…is it TRUE? If it’s not, are you willing to do something to find out what is true? Be brutally honest and bold. It’s important and will change the way you look at everything you do.

A new beginning…

I’ve been blogging for a while now. I blog for work. I used to blog for fun. But then I stifled my voice because I thought what I had to say might not be quite as important as I thought it was.


I have an amazing amount of important things to say. And now I have a new and positive place to say them all.

Because {ambition} is NOT a 4 letter word…but {fear} is. And I don’t live my life using 4 letter words.

Murphy’s Law does not follow me around anymore.

It’s a new day!