Contacts and Marathons

Okay. So now you know what you believe and why you believe it. (I hope you do…if not, go back think about it again. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, just pick one thing and really figure it out.) And if what you believed simply isn’t true, you got yourself a new belief. Right? RIGHT!

Here is today’s challenge: Figure out how to do something…ANYTHING…to move yourself forward. For me, it is to put my contacts in today.

Yeah, Meg, that’s huge.

Well, you know what? It IS huge.

It means I didn’t cry so much yesterday that my eyes are too puffy to wear my contacts.

It is good to have a goal like this. It centers me when I cry and makes me think, “Is this worth not wearing your contacts?”

I’ll let you in on a little secret…sometimes I don’t reach my goal for the day.

I’ve worn my glasses for two days straight, and that is saying something because I feel positive and hopeful among the pain right now.

But, guess what! It’s okay!

I’ve got something to aim for. And when I examine my reasons for crying, sometimes they ARE worth not wearing my contacts. Sometimes, life just sucks in that moment. But here is where setting that goal comes in and completely changed the way I look at my life:

My tears don’t define who I am anymore as a failure or as weak. I look at my tears as a pathway to strength, because they are allowing me to release my pent up stress. It’s the way I deal with my situation. It’s the way I examine my emotions and then let them go.

So, that’s my goal. How about you?

Find something like that for yourself. Maybe your goal is to put two feet on the floor this morning. Maybe your goal is to run a marathon. I don’t know. Your goal can look small or huge to others and that doesn’t matter. What matters is it is HUGE to you! Because, sometimes the thought of putting two feet on the floor can look like running a marathon.

Here is the thing, they both start with one foot.

Move your foot!

You can do it!

I know because I did. I moved my foot.

And if I can, anyone can 🙂


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