The Ultimate Act of Love

Sometimes, when you love someone, and you say you would do anything for them, you are called upon to do just that.

And it sucks. Because you have to put what they want before what you want.

Whatever that “want” happens to be.

And this is a lesson that I believe anyone considering giving their heart away should examine prior to giving their heart away. There may be a day you are called upon to take a bullet, stand in front of that train, care for an extreme illness, or simply stand there and watch the love of your life walk away.

Are you ready to do that? Do you have that kind of love to give?

I probably didn’t when I was 20 and newly head over heels; however, I believe that kind of love (head over heels) is for a moment…the kind of love I live with is not a feeling, it’s a choice, a committment. It took work. It took sacrifice. It took years of discovery.

And, as much as I would wish it otherwise, it won’t go away.

So, I’m choosing to look at my situation from here on out as the ultimate act of love.

It is not what I want, but I love him enough to let him have what he wants.

This is part of the process of examining my beliefs and finding the truth.

I think I will find my peace there.

I hope.

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