{Wo}man’s Best Friend

Do you have a dog?

I do.

And he’s amazing.

He’s the most loyal and loving creature in the world.

2012-11-18 14.04.26

He’s seven. I’ve had him since he was six weeks old. He’s starting to get a little grey around the mouth…but then, aren’t we all getting a little grey?

He’s a great listener. He’s a wonderful protector. He knows how to keep a secret.

And he cries with me when I cry. In fact, he gets himself worked up to the point where he whines and runs around until I stop.

I think he does that on purpose.

To get me to stop.

Because he loves me and can’t stand to see my pain.

After I stop, he’ll come over and rest his head on my leg and stare at me. His huge brown eyes are full of such love and concern. I often wonder what he would say to me if he could talk.

And then I realize that he says more to me with his actions than words ever could.

It’s interesting to me that my dog can show me such love when others can’t or won’t. I am truly thankful to have such a friend in my corner.

It makes me feel hopeful because there is a being with such an innocent purity in his approach toward love this world. He asks for nothing but my happiness and an occasional scratch behind the ears. It helps me to consider the possibility that there are people like that out there too. For me to love and to love me back.


Not yet.

Certainly, not yet.

But maybe…someday.


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