Lessons in Reality

What is real?

What is imagined?

I suppose that is truly up to who is asking the question.

Things that I thought were real in my life were apparently a fantasy in my mind.

Like my happy marriage.

Or the solid relationship I enjoyed.

Or the love I thought I was giving and receiving.

All of those things I thought were real.

I really would have bet my life on it.

In fact, I clearly did bet my life on it.

But, it turns out…I clearly have an excellent imagination.

And the truth of every situation resides where reality and imagination collide.


My desire going forward is that I figure the truth out sooner rather than later…that I am able to guard my heart from ever feeling this kind of pain again without allowing myself to shut down to love completely.

I hope that is possible.


2 thoughts on “Lessons in Reality

  1. sometimes our God-given gifts interact poorly with our sinful world. that makes me sad. cuz i, for one, very much appreciate YOUR gifts…. compassion and love and all that amazing stuff you have been blessed with. ~linds

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