Structure Is As Structure Does

In this chaotic mess of an existence I’ve had for the past year, the one thing I have craved is structure. Order is the name of the game.

It isn’t as if whether the dishes are done and stacked properly will create world peace. Or the laundry being properly sorted will affect orphans in Afghanistan; however, both of those items, checked off my “to do” list make me slightly more peaceful.

Here is the rub.

I can’t seem to get most of my list done.


And then I spiral down that rabbit hole of dread…

“Well, if you can’t even get this done, it’s no wonder you’re where you are!”

My inner voice is a jerk sometimes.

I bet you can relate. So, you know what I did. I told it to shut up.

And I gave myself permission to let the laundry pile up and the dishes sit in the sink.

And, I gave myself permission to believe, to truly believe and understand that my husband didn’t leave me because of the fact that I was a bad housekeeper. Or the perfect housekeeper. He didn’t leave me for any reason I could control. That is the truth.

So, I let it go. (That’s the key.) I let the stress of not checking things off my list go.

I’m not saying I’m turning into a Hoarder or anything. But, I am being a ton more gentle with myself and I’m taking control of the places I can keep structure with a new attitude. I’ve decided to look at “to do” lists as my friend and not my foe. And now, I feel so accomplished when I can cross off the items and toss the list.

Because I did it for me.

And, if it doesn’t get crossed off…well, there is always tomorrow 🙂


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