I told you so…

I was sitting at Panera with a really good friend discussing my present situation. She’s helping me figure out how to get rid of my house with the least collateral damage. We were catching up on all the activities currently going on in my life, talking through what my next moves are, joking about how graceful I am in pretty much every situation (in case you missed it, that reads as sarcasm), and generally just enjoying a great visit with a great girlfriend.

And then it happened.

She reached across the table, put her hand on mine and said, “Meg, I’m sorry to have to say this…but I told you so.”

And she gave me a huge smile.

And I smiled back.

Because she did tell me so. You ALL told me so.

It got better. Life got better.

I got better.

Stronger. Wiser. And dare I say, happier.

And not just happier, but actually happy.

Who knew that the steel in my spine would be able to handle this test? Well, apparently, you all did.

So I welcome each and every “I told you so” and wear it as a badge of honor. They mean that I’ve jumped another hurdle, survived another pothole, weathered another storm and come out whole on the other side.



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